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Crystal Stemware

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Luxury Crystal Stemware

Luxury crystal stemware from contemporary to classic. Go to: Varga, William Yeoward Handmade Crystal, Elegant European Crystal Stemware, Casual Glassware, Waterford Crystal Stemware

Casual Glassware

Faceted Champagne Flutes, Set of 6 Blues Face Drinking Glass, Green/Black Regalia Highballs, Set of 4
Same Decorazione Faceted Glassware Massimo Lunardon Blues Face Drinking Glass Vietri Regalia Barware
Handcrafted, hand-painted faceted glassware. Six-piece sets in assorted colors. Glass with golden trim. Made in Italy Handcrafted drinking glass with face front. Hand wash. Made in Italy of domestic materials. Four-piece handcrafted assorted colors barware sets. Glass with hand-painted 14-karat gold detail.


Godinger Dublin Platinum Sets of 4 Collection Godinger Dublin Drinkware Godinger Dublin Gold Crystal Glassware
Elevate your formal table with platinum-banded crystal. Long, faceted cuts in a traditional starburst pattern make the celebrated Dublin design by Godinger are a timeless addition to elegant settings Faceted Dublin crystal. Golden rims add a luxurious touch to this exceptional crystal glassware.


Slide View: 3: Dobra Wine Glass Four Lead-Free Crystal Goblets Blue Italian Double Old-Fashioneds, Set of 4
Dobra Glassware Godinger Four Lead-Free Crystal Goblets Spode Blue Italian Wine Glasses and Barware
An elegant gold rim elevates this collection's airy ombré fade. Crystalline glass. 24k gold rim detail. Hand wash. Czech Republic Set of four lead-free crystal goblets. A new take on classic hobnail glass, these goblets are crafted of glistening, clear lead-free crystal and detailed with multi-sized rows of texture. Sets of four glasses.

Optical Smoke Gray Wine Glass Optical Clear Wine Glass
Vietri Optical Smoke Gray Wine Glass Vietri Optical Clear Wine Glass Iittala Kastehelmi 4-Pc. Tumbler Set
Handcrafted wine glass. Italy Handcrafted wine glass. Italy Shimmering with reflective texture reminiscent of dewdrops, the Iittala Kastehelmi pressed glass tumblers deliver stunning slants on distinctive style.


Raspberry Imperial Wine Glass Imperial Highball Purity Crystal Goblet
Varga Raspberry Imperial Wine Glass Varga Imperial Highball Varga Purity Crystal Goblet
Handcrafted wine glass features a mix of engraving techniques. Raspberry and clear crystal. 8.25"T; holds 6 ounces. Handcrafted highball features a mix of engraving techniques. Clear crystal. Holds 12 ounces. Clear crystal goblet. 7.5"T; holds 9 ounces.


Spring Crystal Flute Classic Crystal Flute
Varga Spring Crystal Flute Varga Classic Crystal Flute
Clear crystal flute engraved with springtime creatures. 8.75"T; holds 4 ounces. Clear crystal flute.


Simplicity Clear Wine Glass Simplicity Water Goblet Simplicity Clear Champagne Flute
Varga Simplicity Clear Wine Glass Varga Simplicity Water Goblet Varga Simplicity Clear Champagne Flute
Crystal wine glass. Simplicity crystal water goblet. Holds 9 ounces. Crystal. Flat cut pattern. Crystal champagne flute. 10"T; holds 4 ounces.


Juliska Arabella Delft-Blue Footed Glassware Juliska Arabella Clear Glassware Juliska Arabella Pink Glassware
Made of glass. Dishwasher safe. Drinkware made of mouth-blown glass. Drinkware made of mouth-blown glass. Dishwasher safe.


NMS15_-4NKT HCF17_-6GL8
Juliska Berry & Thread Glassware Juliska Heritage Collectors Tumbler, Set of 4 Juliska Carine Glassware
Clinking glasses never sounded better! The thicker glass and classic lines of this drinkware offer luscious texture and a substantial feel for everyday elegance. Chic with Juliska's signature berry and thread medallion, it makes a timeless addition to an everyday glassware collection. Featuring an array of signature Juliska motifs, this hand-blown collection creates a lustrous display for your table or cocktail hour. Double old-fashioned, stemless wine glass, wine goblet, and highball sold individually. Glass.


Juliska Graham 8-oz. Goblet
Juliska Graham 12-oz. Goblet
Juliska Colette Glassware
Juliska Colette Delft Blue Highball
Juliska Colette Smoke Footed Goblet
Juliska Acanthus Clear Champagne Flute
Clear glass goblet. Dishwasher safe; hand washing recommended. Made in the Czech Republic. A perfect blend of beauty and function, this pressed-glass drinkware from Juliska mixes and matches well with any decor. Champagne flute holds 4 ounces. 8.75"T. Dishwasher safe.


Isabella Tulip Goblet Isabella Acrylic Goblet
Juliska Isabella Tulip Goblet 5" T
Juliska Isabella Tulip Goblet 8.5" T
Juliska Isabella Acrylic Goblet
Isabella goblet. Glass. Holds 12 ounces. Hand wash. Clear acrylic goblets, sold individually. 3.25"Dia. x 6.5"T; holds 12 ounces. Dishwasher safe.

Elegant European Crystal Stemware

icon HCF17_-6ZCY NMS16_-5VVU
Wedgwood Stemware, Knightsbridge Platinum Collection icon
Wedgwood Knightsbridge Stemware
Vietri Elegant Wine Glasses Arte Italica Valentina Stemware
Inspired by the chic London neighborhood for which it was named, Wedgwood Knightsbridge stemware features a delicately round shape with deep cuts around the bowl, accented with a platinum rim. The stem resembles a flower when viewed from above Handcrafted wine glass. Hand-painted 14-kt. gold design. Hand wash. Made in Poland. Handcrafted. Glass bowl; pewter stem.


Moser Royal Gold Stemware and Barware Collection Rogaska Eurus Stemware
Delicate hand-blown crystal is detailed by hand with dozens of diamond cuts, then edged with glittering 24K gold to create this refined Moser collection A simple love-knot design accents this charming mouth-blown crystal stemware from Rogaska. Each piece is artfully cut and polished by hand.

William Yeoward Handmade Crystal

William Yeoward Claire Large Wine Glass
William Yeoward Claire Flute
William Yeoward Camilla Goblet
Camilla Wine Glass, Large
Camilla Wine Glass, Small
Handmade glass. Handcrafted stemware. Handmade crystal.


William Yeoward Palmyra Stemware and Barware Collection William Yeoward Country Fanny Glassware Collection William Yeoward Vesper Stemware and Barware Collection
Handcrafted William Yeoward barware detailed with palm tree motifs add a refined island-inspired element to entertaining Made entirely from hand, each piece of William Yeoward Crystal draws its inspiration from antique crystal pieces originally made in England during the 18th and early 19th centuries. This elegant, richly hued goblet is the glass for enjoying your favorite beverages. William Yeoward's handsomely detailed crystal stemware brings refinement to any occasion


William Yeoward Olympia Red Wine Glass
William Yeoward Olympia Brandy Glass
William Yeoward Olympia White Wine Glass
William Yeoward Fanny Goblet
William Yeoward Fanny Wine Glass
Handcrafted red wine glass. 9.25"T; holds 20 ounces. Handmade glass. Handmade glass.

Waterford Crystal Stemware

Waterford Crystal introduces Crossroads, a new range of casual/transitional tabletop that truly bridges the gap between everyday casual and formal place settings. Answering the "transitional" needs of our core Waterford customers (newly married in their first home, baby boomers in their second/third/beach/country homes, or casual-chic "Friday Night" entertaining, etc.) Also:  Waterford Crystal Gifts, Waterford Crystal Barware

Mara Crystal Wine Glasses, Set of Two Mara Crystal Hiball Glasses, Set of Two
Waterford Crystal Mara Crystal Wine Glasses, Set of Two
Waterford Crystal Mara Crystal Iced Beverage Glasses, Set of Two
Waterford Crystal Mara Crystal Champagne Flutes, Set of Two
Waterford Crystal Colleen Elegance Crystal Glassware Mara Crystal Hiball Glasses, Set of Two
Mara Crystal Tumblers, Set of Two
Waterford Ardan offers the beauty of simplicity with the Mara pattern. Mara is the Irish meaning for sea and is inspired by the wild Atlantic Ocean with long and short deep vertical cuts. The Mara Set is perfect for every day use. Crystal Lead crystal glassware turns every sip into an experience. Classic cuts and patterns on modernized silhouettes Waterford Ardan offers the beauty of simplicity with the Mara pattern. Mara is the Irish meaning for sea and is inspired by the wild Atlantic Ocean with long and short deep vertical cuts. The Mara Set is perfect for every day use. Crystal


icon icon
Waterford Stemware, Kelsey Collection icon Waterford Stemware, Ballet Ribbon Essence Platinum Collection
Waterford Stemware, Ballet Ribbon Essence Collection icon
The noble Kelsey pattern adds an elegant touch to any occasion. Designed in dazzling full-lead crystal. Balancing a graceful design with dishwasher-safe durability, Waterford's Ballet Ribbon Essence stemware collection guarantees an extraordinary table. A platinum rim and etched twirl motif echoes the elegance of dance in magnificent crystal.


icon icon
Waterford Stemware, Carina Essence Collection icon Waterford Stemware, Araglin Collection icon
Absolutely dazzling in Waterford crystal, Carina Essence stemware is a tasteful accompaniment to every formal occasion. A cut linear pattern extends from the bowl of each glass in timeless splendor. The Araglin pattern is one Waterford’s most popular and traditional, in brilliantly-cut clear crystal.

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