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Interior Decorating with European Style

Interior decorating is often inspired by a single item or colors in art and favorite fabrics. These are just a hint. Go to: European Style Interior Decorating

European Style Interior Decorating

Martin Sculpture No image available Century Marble Tray
Arteriors Martin Sculpture Waterford Connemara Throw Century Marble Tray
Interpretation, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. And no matter what your eye sees in this refined modernist sculpture, it's undeniably magnificent. The ivory-toned form is dual-sided to face either left or right and stands elegantly on an antique brass finish metal base. Waterford's Connemara provides the ultimate in luxury with this 100% silk throw. Silk yarns are woven into a supple mid-weight material that is then brushed for extra softness. The natural properties of silk provide total comfort against the skin and make it perfect for year round use. Century marble tray. Handcrafted of century marble, prized for its gorgeous goldtone streaks and veins, and framed by wrought iron with a gleaming goldtone finish, touches of gold leaf, and a richly textured base.

Avian Man Statue Slide View: 3: Jaya Floral Embroidered Velvet Throw Pillow Centaur Statuette, Limited Edition of 136
Global Views Avian Man Statue Jaya Floral Embroidered Velvet Throw Pillow Michael Aram Centaur Statuette, Limited Edition of 136
The Anamorphous figure of man and bird. Cast iron with bronze finish body heightened with gold leafed wings With a blooming floral pattern, this embroidered roping velvet throw pillow brings new life to any space. Crafted from a rich velvet given even more dimension with a feminine floral pattern raised along front. Limited edition statue of 136. Crafted of patinated brass, natural oxidized brass, and stainless steel.


Slide View: 1: Grecian Bust Pot Blue Sky Morris Pillow Assorted Cut Vases, Olive, Set of 3
Grecian Bust Pot Poetic Pillow Blue William Morris Pillow Group Assorted Cut Vases, Olive, Set of 3
Handpainted cement Inspired by the print and patterns of the arts and crafts movement, this pillow finds inspiration from the works of William Morris. Handcrafted, double layered colored vases. Hand-cut, mouth-blown glass. Set of three.


Antiqued Brass Orchid Table Top Sculpture Ermin Fawn Throw Quartz Point Accent Light
John-Richard Collection Antiqued Brass Orchid Table Top Sculpture Fino Lino Linen & Lace Ermin Fawn Throw John-Richard Collection Quartz Point Accent Light
Handcrafted, organically sculpted antiqued brass orchid table top accessory with marble base. Throw in square quilted pattern. Polyester/silk. 64" x 44". A beautiful specimen quality quartz point is displayed a top of a nickel plated brass stand. The LED light comes from within the stand creating a magnificent glowing light.

Century Marble Round Small Shallow Fruit Bowl Vita Knife Edge Pillow
Sferra Cashmere Dorsey Throw Century Marble Round Small Shallow Fruit Bowl Eastern Accents Blue, Orange Collection
Delicate and dappled, like sunshine on water, our pure, ultra-soft cashmere throw is napped with a fine downy watermark wave and finished with a flounce of fringe This beautiful honed finished century marble round shallow bowl makes it useful as a fruit bowl. This piece add attractive appeal to your kitchen or dining room décor Handcrafted

Swoosh Sculpture Tyra Throw with Tassels, Blue Pattern Century Marble Jardiniere Small Vase
Swoosh Sculpture Tyra Throws with Tassels Century Marble Jardiniere Vases
Crafted of iron and white marble. Handcrafted throw. Tassel trim at ends. Cotton. 50" x 60". Handcrafted century marble vase with golden veining. Perfect for floor and table use.

Regal Carnation Pillow Piedmont Vase Paper Folded Trays, Set of 2
Poetic Pillow Regal Rose Pillow, Regal Carnation Pillow Arteriors Piedmont Vase Paper Folded Trays, Set of 2
Regal Rose and Carnation Pillows were inspired by a painting completed by Jean Baptiste Robie – a Belgian painter prolific in still life works of art. In vibrant hues, a bouquet of roses, carnations, tulips and lilies comes to life in warm rouge tones Figural vase. 6.5"Dia. x 7.5"T. Porcelain with metallic-gold glaze. Set of two brass trays.


Facial Fragment Sculpture Triu Vase, Silver Alternate View
John-Richard Collection Facial Fragment Sculpture Rosenthal Triu Vase, Silver AVOCA CHECKED WOOL THROW
A serene and delicately beautiful piece for your mantle, bookcase, or table. 5"W x 8"D x 8"T. Crafted of composite material. Glass vase with silver PVD coating. Hand-woven in Ireland with an incredibly soft cashmere/wool blend, this tonal herringbone checked wool throw blanket by Avoca adds inviting comfort and warmth to your favorite sitting area. A subtle fringe trim lends texture and aesthetic appeal to this go-anywhere throw. 

Butterfly Ball on White Marble Pillar Star Sculpture
John-Richard Collection Butterfly Ball on White Marble Pillar Berkshire Plushmink 50" x 60" Sequin Faux-Fur Throw John-Richard Collection Star Sculpture
An intriguing metal sculpture of individual metal butterflies delicately formed in the shape of a ball flies high over a white marble pillar. Add some stylish sparkle and superior warmth to any space with the ultra-soft faux fur and shimmering sequin-detailed borders of this luxurious Plushmink throw from Berkshire. Wax-cast brass star. 6.5"W x 6"D x 9"T. Marble base.


Dual Bowl Primordial Vase
ANNA by RabLabs Dual Bowl Missoni Vinci Decorative Pillow, 20 x 20 John-Richard Collection Primordial Vase
Carrara marble and brass plated Jacquard weave, chevron design Handcrafted openwork, freeform vase. 14"W x 7"D x 18.5"T. Cast aluminum with a cream-washed golden finish. Marble base.

  Colossal Reloop Sculpture  
Sugar Feather Peony Light Decorative Pillow, 22 x 22 John-Richard Collection Colossal Reloop Sculpture Sugar Feather Peony Dark Decorative Pillow, 22 x 22
Floral pattern. Invisible zip closure. Belgian linen; cushion fill: feather/down A colossal re-loop sculpture in tarnished nickel-finish aluminum is mounted on a white marble base. Floral print design. Invisible zip closure. Belgian linen; cushion fill: feather/down

White Geode on Crystal Tall Selenite Blossom on Stand
John-Richard Collection White Geode on Crystal Martha Stewart Collection Faux Mongolian Fur 50" x 60" Throw
Martha Stewart Collection Faux Mongolian Fur 20" Square Decorative Pillow
John-Richard Collection Tall Selenite Blossom on Stand
A white with gold plating geode slice is molded on a clear lead-free crystal block creating an elegant and timeless accent. Lead-free crystal/geode slice. Whether you desire to warm yourself in a comforting way or accent your space with chic wilderness cottage style, this supremely soft faux Mongolian fur throw from Martha Stewart Collection is ideal. Flower sculpture. 5"Sq. x 13"T. Blossom formed of shards of cellophane selenite; brass stem. Mounted on crystal base.

Chiseled Vases, Set of 3 Silver Leaf Branch Sculpture
John-Richard Collection  Chiseled Vases, Set of 3 Beautyrest Duke Faux-Fur Heated Throw John-Richard Collection Silver Leaf Branch Sculpture
Set of three chiseled metal vases. Small in gold. Medium in silver. Large in graphite finish. For luxurious style and comfort, choose the irresistibly-soft faux fur and Secure Comfort heated technology of this Duke throw from Beautyrest. This exquisite branch sculpture is finished in hand-applied silver leaf. Sits on black marble base. Composite resin.

Translucent Ridges Bowl Maya Silver Boucle Throw Slide View: 1: Suspended Orb Decorative Object
John-Richard Collection Translucent Ridges Bowl Maya Boucle Throw Suspended Orb Decorative Object
This cream bowl is a visual feast. Movement is created with the deep cut, translucent sections. Handcrafted throw. 70" x 50". Lattice-edge detail and 6" fringe. Alpaca/polyamide. A glass orb sits atop a thin, brass base, creating an illusory decorative moment wherever it's placed.


Multicolored Scallop Inlaid Wood Box Marble Fruit Bowl Multicolored Inlaid Wood Box
Barile Biagio Multicolored Scallop Inlaid Wood Box Alabaster Bowls Barile Biagio Multicolored Inlaid Wood Box
This precious box is entirely handmade in wood, according to the traditional techniques of the marquetry of Sorrento in Italy. This piece bears a certificate that states its quality and origin. Handcrafted fruit bowl. Alabaster; veining pattern may vary. This box is entirely handmade according to the traditional techniques of Sorrento inlay work in Italy. Each piece of this collection bears a certification of quality.


Single Celestite Bloom
Sferra Pettra Throw John-Richard Collection Single Celestite Bloom Sferra Pettra Decorative Pillow, 18 x 18
Sferra's Pettra throw is constructed with rich, yarn-dyed lambswool, offering a sense of enduring luxury for everyday living Single celestite crystal blooms appear from a cast brass branch with leaves and are mounted on a crystal clear glass cube. The yarn-dyed lambswool of this Sferra decorative pillow has a knife-edged finish and a cozy-luxe sweater texture.

HCS16_H8JW8 Slide View: 1: Gilded Vase Alternate View
Global Views LAX Decorative Bowl Gilded Vase IRISH WOOL THROW
Handcrafted mid-century bowl. Marble bowl; gold-tone brass-plated wood base. Glass Made in Ireland, this pure wool throw is rich in Irish tradition and history. A mosaic of varying stitches, each steeped in symbolism, creates a storytelling piece designed to last generations. The cable stitch represents the fisherman's rope, symbolizing safety and good luck; the honeycomb stitch honors hardworking honey bees and symbolizes reward for hard work; the diamond denotes success and good fortune; and the link stitch symbolizes our human desire to remain connected to our loved ones past and present. 

Floating Cloud Vase Slide View: 4: Devann Pillow Slide View: 1: Woven Planter Basket
John-Richard Collection Floating Cloud Vase Devann Pillow Woven Planter Basket
The flowing form of this cloud white vase appears to float in space and will make a great statement as a bowl or container for a lovely orchid. Luxe motifs in sumptuous hues are rendered in hand-embroidered embellishments and shimmering glass beads. Natural bulrush, waterproof latex

Diamond Inlaid Wood Box Gemma Crystal Vase NMS16_H8HNH
Barile Biagio Diamond Inlaid Wood Box Gemma Crystal Vase AERIN Margot Objet
All the surfaces of this precious box have been handmade according to the traditional techniques of Sorrento inlay work in Italy. This piece bears a certification that proves its quality and origin. Vase in champagne-finish crystal Handcrafted decorative object. Marble.

Box with Nickel Handle Slide View: 1: Kirby Pillow Amelie Hourglass Vase
John-Richard Collection Box with Nickel Handle Kirby Pillow AERIN Amelie Hourglass Vase
This elongated cream box is finished with a clear lacquer finish and a dramatic gold and nickel handle. Wood composite. Featuring exquisitely hand-embroidered details, this colorful pillow brings charm and whimsy to any seat. Hourglass vase. Ceramic, with patina applied over a white glaze. 18-kt. gold edging. 7.3"Dia. x 13.3"T. Made in Italy.

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