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European Giftware and Collectibles

European porcelain giftware can add a truly personal accent to your room. If you have a collection of small pieces consider displaying them together for stronger impact. Go to: Lladro, Herend


Since 1826, Herend has created timeless designs with unsurpassed craftsmanship and artistry. These exquisite treasures make lovely collectibles and heirlooms for generations to come.

Martin's Herend Butterfly Pin Dish Herend Pair of Macaws Figurine Herend ROTHSCHILD BIRD COVERED URN
Handcrafted pin dish. Porcelain. 4.5"W. Hand wash. Made in Hungary. Handcrafted figurine. Limited edition; each piece is numbered. Hand-painted porcelain. Handcrafted urn. Limited edition; each piece is numbered. Hand-painted porcelain. Approximately 14.5"T.


Herend Lionfish Figurine Herend Spotted Sandpiper on Driftwood Figurine
Handcrafted figurine. Limited edition; each piece is numbered. Hand-painted porcelain. Handcrafted figurine. Limited edition; each piece is numbered. Hand-painted porcelain.


NMS16_H8EPB Bunny with Butterfly
Herend Kaleidoscope Turtle Figurine Herend Bunny with Butterfly
Handcrafted turtle figurine. Limited edition; each is numbered. Hand-painted porcelain. Handcrafted Bunny with Butterfly figurine. 6.5"T. Handmade and hand-painted fine porcelain.


Lladro Cactus Firefly Table Lamp Lladro Palm Firefly Green Table Lamp
The Lladro Cactus Firefly cordless porcelain lamp is inspired by the insect's light-emitting quality and displays plant motifs and gold-tone touches in the top ring and base logo Plant motifs in fresh porcelain hues with gold-tone touches in the top ring and base logo define the Lladro Palm Firefly Green cordless lamp that's inspired by the mystical insect.


Lladro Palm Firefly Black Table Lamp Lladro Belle de Nuit Floor Lamp Lladro Belle de Nuit Table Lamp
Inspired by the insect's captivating light-emitting quality, the Lladró Palm Firefly Black cordless porcelain lamp displays plant motifs and a signature logo on the base. The slender silhouette of the Belle de Nuit porcelain floor lamp is crowned with regal intricately detailed designs to light up your space with luxe Lladró style Light up a room with the beautiful range of shades that color the intricate porcelain design of the charming Belle de Nuit table lamp from Lladró.


Lladro Collectible Figurine, A new Treasure Girl Lladro Collectible Figurine, Summer Serenade
Lladró Collectible Figurine, A new Treasure Girl icon Lladró The Princess and the Frog Figurine Lladró Collectible Figurine, Summer Serenade icon
A sweet baby girl in a basket, just welcomed into the world. Crafted by Lladró, Spain's most esteemed artisans of porcelain figurines. A fairy tale comes to life. Handcrafted in Spain, this lovely porcelain figurine makes any space a little more magical A fairytale moment in glazed porcelain, Lladro's Summer Serenade figurine depicts a gorgeous young woman captivated by the call of a feathered friend.


Lladro Collectible Figurine, At the Ball Lladro Collectible Figurine, Ingenue  Lladro Collectible Figurine, I Love You, Mom
Lladró Collectible Figurine, At the Ball icon Lladró Collectible Figurine, Ingénue icon Lladró Collectible Figurine, I Love You, Mom icon
The spring ball awaits this young beauty. Draped in a long, flowing dress and pink wrap, Lladro's graceful porcelain figurine evokes all the excitement and wonder of a first dance. A vision of beauty, this handcrafted figurine from Lladró casts a spell in any room Representing the love that is boundless and lifelong, this exquisite figurine depicts a young girl embracing her mother. In delicate painted hues, a high gloss finish, and porcelain so finely crafted you can just about feel the wind in your own hair.


Lladro My Debut Dress Figurine Lladro Mommy's Little Girl Figurine Lladro Thinking Of My Debut Figurine
It's her moment. Perfect for the ballerina in your life, this charming figurine, handcrafted in bright porcelain and painted soft hues, beautifully marks a milestone in her life. Cherished moments. The perfect gift for Mother's Day, Lladro's exquisitely crafted porcelain figurine honors the special bond between mother and daughter Getting ready. Perfect for the aspiring ballerina in your life, this Thinking of My Debut porcelain figurine, handcrafted in Spain, offers encouragement to any young protégé.


Lladro Giggles with Mom Figurine Lladro Goodnight My Angel Collectible Figurine Lladro Soothing Lullaby Figurine
This heartwarming piece from Lladro features a sweet portrait of motherhood that conveys all the joy and happiness you could want for your home. A heartwarming scene for all parents, no matter how old their children. This ethereal figurine in handcrafted porcelain depicts a mother cradling her infant child. A beautiful symbol of love by Lladro Tender moments. A beautiful gift for any new mother, the Soothing Lullaby figurine by Lladro is handcrafted in Spain with lovely color details, skillfully sculpted in gleaming porcelain. Perfect for any shelf or bedside table


Lladro Collectible Figurine, Nurse
Lladro Collectible Figurine, Nurse icon Lladró Angels Collection icon
Get a nurse. This handcrafted caretaker from Lladro has a sense of order and calm that any medical professional can appreciate. A must for nursing school graduates! Divine inspiration comes to life in the Angels Collection from Lladró. Crafted from porcelain, with an attention to detail that's quite heavenly.

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