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European Style Flower Arrangements, Stems and Vases

Luxury European style flower arrangements and centerpieces bring color classic polish to every room with little or no effort. Go to: Faux Flowers, Stems and Bunches, Vases

Faux Flowers

Preserved Flowers in Silvertone Urn Pink Tulip Faux Floral White & Green Faux-Floral Arrangement
T&C Floral Company Preserved Flowers in Silvertone Urn John-Richard Collection Pink Tulip Faux Floral NDI White & Green Faux-Floral Arrangement
Preserved moss, hydrangeas, and ranunculus, plus sedimentary quartz stones in a silvertone urn. The soft beauty of pink tulips for your home or office. 10"Dia. x 9"T. Bundles of polyester and silk tulips in a clear glass container with acrylic "water." Handcrafted arrangement of faux protea, calla lily, antherium, and hydrangea. Polyester and plastic stems. Glass vase; acrylic "water."


John-Richard Collection Crown Jewels Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Peony Surprise Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Kaleidoscope Faux-Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted faux-floral nosegay of crystal roses. 9"Dia. x 9"T. Polyester silk stems. Clear optical glass vase. Handcrafted arrangement of faux peonies. 10"Dia. x 9"T. Polyester silk stems. Glass vase; acrylic "water." Bouquet of peonies, lilacs, geraniums, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and roses. 19"Dia. x 18"T. Polyester silk stems. Mercury glass vase.

NMF17_H8Q15 Prestigious Berry Faux-Floral Arrangement NMF17_H8NFH
John-Richard Collection Gorgeous Greens Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Prestigious Berry Faux-Floral Arrangement Natural Decorations Inc Hydrangea Snowball Faux-Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. Gorgeous pave of green hydrangeas. Lustre glass vase. Polyester silk stems. Handcrafted arrangement of peonies, roses, amaryllis, tulips, and ranunculus. Polyester silk floral stems. Glass container; acrylic "water." Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. Polyester and plastic. Glass vase; acrylic "water."

Japanese Magnolia Faux-Floral Arrangement Classic Greens Faux Floral
NDI Japanese Magnolia Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Classic Greens Faux Floral John-Richard Collection Angelique Tulips
Handcrafted arrangement of faux magnolia. Polyester and plastic stems. Glass vase; acrylic "water." Handcrafted flowers and limes in acrylic "water"; glass vase. Bundles of white tulips in a round glass container. Polyester silk stems. Acrylic "water."

HCS16_H8JLF Bountiful Bouquet Faux-Floral Arrangement NMF17_H8Q1B
John-Richard Collection Brilliant Pave Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Bountiful Bouquet Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Autumn Breeze Faux-Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted arrangement of polyester silk, dried, and preserved stems. Composite container with golden-bronze finish. Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. Bountiful bouquet of hellebores spray, orange amaryllis, pearl cherry blossoms, large berries, and hydrangeas. Glass container. Polyester silk stems; acrylic "water." Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. Impressive arrangement of green hydrangeas with black stem branches. Polyester silk stems. Glass vase; acrylic "water."


NMF16_H899D White Blossoms Faux-Floral Arrangement NMF16_H898X
John-Richard Collection  Cascading Bouquet Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection White Blossoms Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection  Windy Faux-Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted faux-floral bouquet. Faux-silk florals; preserved greenery. Mercury-tinted, dimpled glass plateau vase. Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. Polyester silk apple and cherry blossoms and dried grass. Ribbed glass pedestal vase. 57"Dia. x 49"T. Handcrafted free-form faux-floral arrangement of hydrangeas, lilacs, and peonies. Faux-silk florals. Exaggerated hourglass-shaped glass vase.


John-Richard Collection "Fiesta" Faux Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Pretty Ranunculus Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Gather a Bouquet Faux-Floral Arrangement
Faux floral arrangement enlivens your desk, kitchen window, bedside table, or anywhere you need a burst of color. Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. Synthetic-silk flowers. Glass vase. Acrylic "water." Handcrafted arrangement of helebores, hydrangea, tulips, peonies, and roses. Poly-silk stems; glass container.


NMF16_H899F Josette Faux Floral Arrangement
John-Richard Collection  Marbled Whites Faux-Floral Arrangement NDI Josette Faux Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Lilies and Lace Faux Floral
Handcrafted, elongated faux-floral arrangement. Faux-silk florals. Glass container with rolled marble rocks and acrylic "water." Handcrafted faux floral arrangement. Snowball hydrangea arranged in a silver bowl. Approximately 24"Dia. x 21"T. This stunning white faux floral arrangement is beautifully crafted from an assortment of Asian lilies, cherry blossoms, peonies, and the palest pink roses. A glass container with an open, lace-like design adds to its allure

Stems and Bunches

White Peony Bunch White Long-Stem Tulips Set of 9
As lush and natural as the real thing, this luscious imitation of peonies in full bloom preserves the ephemeral beauty of one of summer's most lovely blooms. Displayed in a vase or placed on a dresser, nothing refreshes a room more than a bunch of tulips. Our cluster of nine lifelike stems saves trips to the florist with everlasting white petals, graceful stems and lush green leaves. Bring along a bunch for the Easter hostess or for mom on Mother's Day.

White Cherry Blossom Flower Branch White Peony Flower Stem Pink Peony Flower Stem
The celebrated harbinger of spring, the cherry tree in full bloom is a cheery reminder of winter's passing. Our faux stem adds a soft note to bouquets and arrangements Peony fanciers can defy the short-lived natural season with this perpetual stem of blossom and bud. Peony fanciers can defy the short-lived natural season with this perpetual stem of blossom and bud.

Yellow Tulip Bunch White Hydrangea
Nothing says spring like tulips. Our bunch of faux tulips brings the outdoors in, realistically styled with yellow petals, graceful stems and lush green leaves. Bring along a bunch for the Easter hostess or for mom on Mother's Day. Grace your faux floral arrangements with the refreshing white and clustered blossoms of a hydrangea stem, one of summer's beloved blooms.

Harvest Meadow Faux Bouquet
Harvest Meadow Faux Bouquet GREEN PETAL LEAF BRANCH
Blooms in harvest hues add long-lasting and lifelike color around the house with this remarkably realistic bouquet of faux flowers. From acclaimed English designer Abigail Ahern, each bouquet is hand-assembled and tied with a decorative bow. Full of fresh spring color, this vibrant branch makes a beautiful statement on the table or the mantel. Group several for a lush display.

The addition of green leaves give this decorative stem an extra dose of fresh beauty. Native to the Gulf Coast states and Florida, the palmetto is a natural choice in warm-weather gardens. Ours is expertly handcrafted to replicate its glossy-green, pointed leaves that fan out in a captivating shape.


Garland 7" Footed Vase NMF17_H9VA3 NMF17_H9V92
William Yeoward Garland 7" Footed Vase William Yeoward Odette Conversation Vase William Yeoward Angelina Vase
Handcrafted vase. Handcrafted vase. 6.5"T. Handmade crystal. Hand wash. Handcrafted vase.

William Yeoward Fern Footed Vase William Yeoward Fern Bouquet Vase William Yeoward Pollyanna Vase
Handcrafted vase. 10"T. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted vase. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted vase. 7"T. Handmade crystal.

NMF17_H9V8L NMF17_H9V9N NMF17_H9V97
William Yeoward Debbie Vase William Yeoward Karen 12" Vase William Yeoward Inez 8" Vase
Handcrafted vase. 4"T. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted vase. 12"T. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted vase. 8"T. Handmade crystal.

NMF17_H9ZWN Large Mirage Vase NMF17_G3VX4
Orrefors Precious Vase Kosta Boda  Large Mirage Vase Glacial Vase
Crystal vase. 5.75"Dia. x 7.5"T. Designed by Malin Lindahl. Vase designed by Goran Warff. Glass. The play of light within the glass adds dimension. Vase is designed to mimic the edges of an iceberg. Made of crystal.

Orrefors  Explicit Stripes Large Vase
Kosta Boda Open Minds Medium Vase Orrefors Explicit Checks Large Vase
Orrefors Explicit Checks Small Vase
Vase design inspired by reeds standing by the shore and dried by cold winter. Straight, clear shapes with relatively thin cuts expose the crystal quality. Lead crystal. Vase designed by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien. Made of glass. Hand-painted design. Crystal vase.

icon Northbridge Vase
Waterford Fleurology Collection by Jeff Leatham icon Waterford Tom Brennan's Ireland 10" Vase Waterford Crystal Northbridge Vase
Celebrated floral designer Jeff Leatham brings bouquets to life through this landmark collaboration with Waterford. Whether standing alone or clustered with other pieces, each Fleurology by Jeff Leatham creation is a glamorous addition to any floral arrangement. Leatham's tenure as Artistic Director at the Four Seasons George V in Paris informs his understanding of style and geometric precision Handcrafted vase. Lead crystal. Radiating sunburst pattern. Northbridge vase. 5.5"Dia. x 10"T. Clear crystal.

Lismore Vase, Large NMF16_H8BA3 NMF17_H9XMY
Lismore Vase, Large Waterford  Dungarven 10" Vase
Waterford  Dungarven 8" Vase
Waterford Crystal "Meg" Rose Bowl
A stunning partner for any bouquet. Lead-crystal vase. Clear crystal rose bowl encircled by alternating borders. Hand wash.

NMF17_H9UDS Lismore 7" Vase
Waterford Crystal Lismore Diamond 14" Vase Lismore 7" Vase
Waterford crystal vase in Lismore Diamond pattern, featuring intricate cuts. Ideal for displaying two dozen roses or hand-tied floral bouquet. Features signature weight and clarity. Vase made of crystal.

Indulgence Floor Vase Single Flower Blue-Green Vase
Georg Jensen Indulgence Floor Vase Carlo Moretti Single Flower Blue-Green Vase
Mirror-polished stainless steel floor vase. Designed by Helle Damkjaer. Approximately 6"W x 3.5"D x 28"T. Handcrafted vase. Blown glass Approximately 5"Dia. x 6.75"T. Made in Italy.

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