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European Style Flower Arrangements, Stems and Vases

Luxury European style flower arrangements and centerpieces bring color classic polish to every room with little or no effort. Go to: Faux Flowers, Vases, Faux Bouquets and Stems

Faux Flowers

Peony Bouquet Natures Green Floral Arrangement Garden Glow Floral Arrangement
John-Richard Collection Peony Bouquet John-Richard Collection Natures Green Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Garden Glow Floral Arrangement
Handcrafted arrangement of peonies, ranunculus, Queen Anne's lace, and lavender brush. Held in glass vase. This dainty arrangement contains a cluster of dahlia, hydrangeas, roses and dusty miller which are all placed in a round glass container. The neutral shades of green will allow this arrangement to fit into any décor. Handcrafted green and white hydrangeas, helleborus, and ranunculus artfully arranged. Glass container with acrylic water.


Peony Snowball Arrangement, Pink/Purple Shades of Coral Succulents and Green Calcite in Old World Urn
NDI Peony Snowball Arrangement, Pink/Purple John-Richard Collection Shades of Coral T&C Floral Company Succulents and Green Calcite in Old World Urn
Handcrafted faux peony arrangement. Glass vase; polyester flowers. This artful arrangement of a set of four bundled coral tulips with acrylic water in a simple glass vase, will add a soft yet structured arrangement in any room. Old world concrete vessel filled with green calcite and silk succulents and finished with preserved mosses, green calcite, concrete vessel, preserved mosses, and silk orchid


Dahlia and Calla in Cache Pot Peony in Glass Bowl Vase Hydrangea in Oval Planter
Dahlia and Calla in Cache Pot Peony in Glass Bowl Vase Hydrangea in Oval Planter
Featuring dahlias, hydrangeas, calla lilies, and viburnum, this eclectic garden arrangement beautifully sets the tone for any room lacking in character. Chic, stylish and beautiful as usual, an arrangement of pure toned peonies will look stunning on a low coffee table where it can be admired from all angles. A "freshly picked from the garden" aspect, soft green and white hydrangea set in a blue and white ceramic pot, perfect for a side table or small kitchen table centerpiece


Tulip Hydrangea Faux Floral Arrangement Hanging Garden Blushing Pastels
NDI Tulip Hydrangea Faux Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Hanging Garden John-Richard Collection Blushing Pastels
Handcrafted faux flower arrangement. Includes dimpled glass vase. Handcrafted floral arrangement. Woven wood basket. A story in pink and white with green. These beautiful pink tulips stand straight surrounded by pink peonies and white ranunculus. The vase is lined with green leaves that gently hides the stems from view.


Budding Crystal Faux Florals in Geode Quince Tulip White & Green Faux-Floral Arrangement
John-Richard Collection Budding Crystal Faux Florals in Geode NDI Quince Tulip NDI White & Green Faux-Floral Arrangement
This unique floral arrangement has delicate pink tulips nestled in a natural geode. The tulips are joined by real maidenhair ferns. Due to the fact that the geode is a natural product, no two arrangements will be alike. Each geode will vary in shape and size. Handcrafted faux tulip arrangement Handcrafted arrangement of faux protea, calla lily, antherium, and hydrangea. Polyester and plastic stems. Glass vase; acrylic "water."


NMF17_H8NFH Peony Snowball Faux Floral Arrangement After the Rain Faux-Flower Arrangement
Natural Decorations Inc Hydrangea Snowball Faux-Floral Arrangement NDI Peony Snowball Faux Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection After the Rain Faux-Flower Arrangement
Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. Polyester and plastic. Glass vase; acrylic "water." Realistic faux peonies and hydrangeas in a glass vase with acrylic water. Porcelain vase with faux-flower arrangement. Floral, polyester/silk.


Peony Ice Floral Arrangement Champagne Ice Arrangement
John-Richard Collection Peony Ice Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Champagne Ice Arrangement
This unique arrangement has a secured nosegay of pink peonies that have been tied with raffia and sit in a solid glass cube. Handcrafted faux-floral arrangement. The peonies and dahlias in this arrangement are artfully placed in this tinted mercury glass round bowl. This delicate arrangement will provide a light and airy look on a table.


Preserved Flowers in Silvertone Urn White Florals Arrangement Pink Tulip Faux Floral
T&C Floral Company Preserved Flowers in Silvertone Urn John-Richard Collection White Florals Arrangement John-Richard Collection Pink Tulip Faux Floral
Preserved moss, hydrangeas, and ranunculus, plus sedimentary quartz stones in a silvertone urn. This elongated floral arrangement of white hydrangeas and dahlias float on a bed of black river rocks. This exclusive piece would be a wonderful arrangement for a long console or dining table. The soft beauty of pink tulips for your home or office. 10"Dia. x 9"T. Bundles of polyester and silk tulips in a clear glass container with acrylic "water."


John-Richard Collection "Fiesta" Faux Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Crown Jewels Faux-Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Kaleidoscope Faux-Floral Arrangement
Faux floral arrangement enlivens your desk, kitchen window, bedside table, or anywhere you need a burst of color. Handcrafted faux-floral nosegay of crystal roses. 9"Dia. x 9"T. Polyester silk stems. Clear optical glass vase. Bouquet of peonies, lilacs, geraniums, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and roses. 19"Dia. x 18"T. Polyester silk stems. Mercury glass vase.


Josette Faux Floral Arrangement NMF16_H898X Mix Green Ranunculus
NDI Josette Faux Floral Arrangement John-Richard Collection Windy Faux-Floral Arrangement Mix Green Ranunculus
Handcrafted faux floral arrangement. Snowball hydrangea arranged in a silver bowl. Approximately 24"Dia. x 21"T. Handcrafted free-form faux-floral arrangement of hydrangeas, lilacs, and peonies. Faux-silk florals. Exaggerated hourglass-shaped glass vase. Soft ranunculus blossoms in a lovely bouquet are presented in a rounded glass bowl overflow to give life to any interior setting.

Faux Hydrangea & Olive Leaf in Ceramic Pot Faux Agapanthus in Antique Tile Ceramic Vase
As though gathered in the French countryside, this botanical arrangement in pastel blues and lavenders is set in a toile-and-rose ceramic pot. These blooming tulips make an elegant statement in a room. Soft and flexible, they look remarkably realistic. These tall stalks of agapanthus, with their clustered heads of blue and lavender hues, sit beautifully in a print ceramic pot to bring cool springtime style indoors.

Faux Bouquets and Stems

Slide View: 1: Glittering Hanging Pine Vine Slide View: 1: Glittering Pomegranate Branch Slide View: 1: Snow-Tipped Holly Berry Branch
Glittering Hanging Pine Vine Glittering Pomegranate Branch Snow-Tipped Holly Berry Branch
With petite, shimmering pine cones and delicate pine needle vines, this faux botanical lends a touch of holiday cheer to your favorite vase or mantelpiece. With glittering pomegranates and gilded leaves, this festive branch adds glamour to both faux and green arrangements. Tipped with just a touch of shimmering frost, this holly berry branch brings holiday cheer to your mantelpiece or floral arrangement.


Slide View: 1: Juniper Branch Slide View: 1: Dried Plumosum Bouquet Slide View: 1: Erythrina Stem
Juniper Branch Dried Plumosum Bouquet Erythrina Stem
Whether arranged on your mantelpiece or in a vase with other greenery, this juniper branch lends just a touch of holiday cheer to your decor. This dried bouquet is lovely on its own or as part of an artful arrangement - it's a decorative touch that's always in season. With just a touch of shine, this elegant stem pairs wonderfully with a slender vase

Slide View: 1: Decorative Pinecone Branch Slide View: 1: Dried Plumosum Bouquet Slide View: 1: Dried Bell Grass Bouquet
Decorative Pinecone Branch Dried Plumosum Bouquet Dried Bell Grass Bouquet
Tin, plastic, copper This lovely dried bouquet is lovely on its own or as part of an artful arrangement - it's a decorative touch that's always in season. This dried bouquet is lovely on its own or as part of an artful arrangement - it's a decorative touch that's always in season.

Slide View: 2: Dried Plume Reed Bouquet Wild Raspberry Faux Bouquet
FAUX OVERSIZED HYDRANGEA & GRAPE LEAF BUNDLE Dried Plume Reed Bouquet Wild Raspberry Faux Bouquet
The deep-green, sprawling leaves of the grape vine mix beautifully with the variegated hues of the hydrangea bloom in this bundle. Place it in an entry, console or tabletop for a relaxed autumnal vineyard look in a room. This dried bouquet is lovely on its own or as part of an artful arrangement - it's a decorative touch that's always in season. Blooms in pure white and deep red add long-lasting and lifelike color around the house with this remarkably realistic bouquet of faux flowers. From acclaimed English designer Abigail Ahern, each bouquet is hand-assembled and tied with a decorative bow.


The delicate petals and shapely leaves of this hops bundle look incredibly real. This thoughtfully assembled bundle is ideal in an entry or on a console. Variegated hues give the Lace Hydrangea Bundle a remarkably realistic appearance. Combine it with other dried or faux botanicals as a delicate textural accent. Add height and soft color to a botanical arrangement with our hops branch, or group several for a dramatic display. The delicate petals and shapely leaves are finely crafted by artisans to look incredibly real.

Slide View: 1: Ginger Ray Decorative Vines Set
Ginger Ray Decorative Vines Set
Turn any space into a lush, green Eden with this set of 5 natural-looking faux vines from Ginger Ray. Hang them from the ceiling, wrap them around columns and banisters or arrange them with potted plants for an extra leafy display.


NMF17_H9VA3 Fern Flower Vase, 10" NMF17_H9V92
William Yeoward Odette Conversation Vase William Yeoward Fern Flower Vase, 10" William Yeoward Angelina Vase
Handcrafted vase. 6.5"T. Handmade crystal. Hand wash. Crystal vase. Handcrafted vase.


William Yeoward Fern Footed Vase William Yeoward Fern Bouquet Vase William Yeoward Pollyanna Vase
Handcrafted vase. 10"T. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted vase. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted vase. 7"T. Handmade crystal.


NMF17_H9V8L NMF17_H9V9N NMF17_H9V97
William Yeoward Debbie Vase William Yeoward Karen 12" Vase William Yeoward Inez 8" Vase
Handcrafted vase. 4"T. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted vase. 12"T. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted vase. 8"T. Handmade crystal.


NMF17_H9ZWN Large Mirage Vase NMF17_G3VX4
Orrefors Precious Vase Kosta Boda Large Mirage Vase Glacial Vase
Crystal vase. 5.75"Dia. x 7.5"T. Designed by Malin Lindahl. Vase designed by Goran Warff. Glass. The play of light within the glass adds dimension. Vase is designed to mimic the edges of an iceberg. Made of crystal.


Kosta Boda Open Minds Medium Vase Orrefors Explicit Checks Large Vase
Orrefors Explicit Checks Small Vase
Vase designed by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien. Made of glass. Hand-painted design. Crystal vase.


Lismore Vase, Large NMF16_H8BA3 NMF17_H9XMY
Lismore Vase, Large Waterford Dungarven 10" Vase
Waterford Dungarven 8" Vase
Waterford Crystal "Meg" Rose Bowl
A stunning partner for any bouquet. Lead-crystal vase. Clear crystal rose bowl encircled by alternating borders. Hand wash.


NMF17_H9UDS Lismore 7" Vase
Waterford Crystal Lismore Diamond 14" Vase Lismore 7" Vase
Waterford crystal vase in Lismore Diamond pattern, featuring intricate cuts. Ideal for displaying two dozen roses or hand-tied floral bouquet. Features signature weight and clarity. Vase made of crystal.

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