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Wines from around the world plus the wine accessory gifts that help us share and enjoy them more. Go to:  Champagne Buckets and Wine Coolers, Decanters, Wine Gifts, Beer Glasses, Wine Coasters

Wine Gifts

Vinotive Table Tower Aerating Wine Dispenser Godinger Dublin 8-Piece Wine Set Sapphire & Gold Khari-Print Wine Bag
VINOTIVE TABLE TOWER AERATING WINE DISPENSER Godinger Dublin 8-Piece Wine Set Divine Designs Sapphire & Gold Khari-Print Wine Bag
Danish design and modern elegance unite. Vagnbys Table Tower Aerating Wine Dispenser is an absolute essential for the frequent entertainer. Features a "rain filter" to aerate and release a wine's bouquet as it enters the glass decanter. With a light lift of its gravity-fed valve, guests easily fill their glass in seconds. Perfect for any beverage from a boxed favorite to your finest vintage A beautiful way to serve your favorite wine, this decanter and goblet set is fashioned from 24% lead crystal. The Dublin pattern combines diamond and wedge cuts in a beloved Irish style that sparkles brilliantly. The heavy weight of the rich materials feels satisfying in the hand and lends durability to the elegant look. Handcrafted wine bag. Rayon velvet, exclusive of ornamentation.

Champagne Buckets and Wine Coolers

Pewter Ice Bucket
Dogale English Champagne Bucket Pewter Ice Bucket
Beautifully handcrafted in Italy, this engravable ice bucket brings a classically sophisticated touch of style to the table. Pewter ice bucket with side handles. Made in Portugal.


Karen Champagne Bucket HCS16_H8KCL
William Yeoward Karen Champagne Bucket
William Yeoward Karen Ice Bucket
William Yeoward Country Ice Bucket icon
William Yeoward Country Wine Cooler
Juliska Carine Champagne Bucket
Handcrafted champagne bucket. Lead crystal. Made entirely from hand, each piece of William Yeoward Crystal draws its inspiration from antique crystal pieces originally made in England during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Refined and elegant, this classic ice bucket was made for entertaining Lead-free glass champagne bucket. Not suitable for hot contents. 8.75"Dia. x 9"T. Dishwasher safe.


Dakota Ice Bucket with Tongs Wine Cooler Manhattan Champagne Bowl
William Yeoward Dakota Ice Bucket with Tongs Georg Jensen Wine Cooler Georg Jensen Manhattan Champagne Bowl
Handcrafted glass ice bucket. Holds approximately 60 ounces. Hand wash. Modern elegance in mirror-finished stainless steel. Stainless steel champagne bowl from the Manhattan bar collection. Approx. 16"Dia. x 9"H (400 x 230 mm). Dishwasher safe.


Rogaska Expert Duo Decanter Lenox Tuscany Federal Monogram Glassware Collection Riedel Swirl Decanter
Carefully mouth blown and crafted by hand, Rogaska's Duo Decanter is the first of its kind, offering an ingenious option for serving multiple wines in chic, modern style Put your personal touch on every drink you serve with the initial-embellished style of the Lenox Tuscany Federal Monogram Glassware Collection. Machine-blown in Germany by Riedel, the world's most-renowned wineglass maker, this decanter fuses form and function, featuring a classic rounded base and sensual lines that graduate up the neck. The pour spout is designed for a drip-free flow, and the beautiful shape also serves to expose wine to more oxygen for a more developed bouquet and fuller flavors.


Riedel O Single Decanter Juliska Berry & Thread Glassware Carafe & Stemless Red Wine Glass Gift Set Ullo Florence Decanter
An innovative 'thumbs up' design gives you great control over your pour Mouth blown glass. Dishwasher safe. Made in Portugal Enjoy the ideal flavor profile of your favorite chilled wines with this innovative decanter, offering half the air exposure of a traditional decanter for the ultimate purified wine experience.


Wine & Bar Carafe Acanthus Carafe
Riedel Mamba Decanter Georg Jensen Wine & Bar Carafe Juliska Acanthus Carafe
The alluring Mamba is redolent of a sleek mamba snake. As the wine flows through every bend it is double-decanted, opening up upon entering the decanter, achieving what would take hours of decanting in a typical bowl-shaped carafe. Mirroring the snakes poised upright stance, its coiled base creates a series of air pockets which charge the wine as it moves towards the elegant upright neck upon pouring. Carafe made of glass, silicone, and stainless steel. Handcrafted glass carafe. Holds 1 quart.


Juliska Ophelia Wine Decanter William Yeoward "Vintage" Tall Decanter Juliska Amalia Wine Decanter
Using intricate 15th century techniques, this striking decanter is mouth-blown to create a lustrous bejeweled look. The result is a beautiful Bohemian silhouette that boasts one-of-a-kind style Handcrafted decanter. 14.5"T; holds 42 ounces. Handmade glass. Carefully mouth blown by skilled artisans in the hills of Prague, this glass wine decanter from Juliska showcases an especially fine, delicate texture. Each one features slight variations and individual details characteristic of a handmade piece.

Wine Coasters and Stoppers

Boscoreale Sterling Silver Wine Bottle Coaster NMS16_H8KEM
Buccellati Boscoreale Sterling Silver Wine Bottle Coaster Dogale Pierced Bottle Coaster Versace Medusa Bottle Coaster
Handcrafted bottle coaster. Sterling silver. Italy Bring classic sophistication to the table with this exquisitely handcrafted piece from Dogale, highlighted by a lustrous silver finish and elegant styling. Lead-crystal bottle coaster.


Lismore Bottle Coaster NMF17_H9RAB Dungarven Bottle Coaster
Waterford Crystal Lismore Bottle Coaster William Yeoward Georgia Bottle Stand Waterford Dungarven Bottle Coaster
Crystal bottle coaster. 8.25"Dia. x 5.5"T. Handcrafted bottle stand. Hand-cut crystal. Lead-crystal bottle coaster.


Quinta Hugo Natural Bottle & Beverage Coasters, Set of 4 NMF17_H8QGF Crystal Regency Bottle Coaster
Juliska Quinta Hugo Natural Bottle & Beverage Coasters, Set of 4 Godinger Dublin Coasters, Set of 12 Rogaska Crystal Regency Bottle Coaster
Handcrafted coaster set. Four cork beverage coasters. One glass bottle holder. Crystal coasters. Lead-crystal bottle coaster.

Beer Glasses

Brewmaster Glasses, 4-Piece Set Beer Tasting Set
Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer System, Copper Mikasa Brewmaster Glasses, 4-Piece Set Beer Tasting Set
Give your favorite canned or bottled beer the full taste of draft with this innovative device from Fizzics. Simply place your brew into the Waytap system and pull the handle forward to pour the beer while maintaining the carbonation. Push the handle backwards to complete Set of four varietal pint glasses specially designed to bring out the full flavor of ale, stout, pilsner, or wheat beer. Glass. Dishwasher safe Pour your own brewpub-style flights with our exclusive gift-boxed beer sampling set. Four sculptural 8-ounce glasses rest in a tray embossed with bottle-cap numerals for identifying ales, pilsners, lagers and stouts. Substantial sham bases on the glasses fit neatly into cutouts on the beautiful acacia wood serving tray.


BrewArt BrewFlo Iittala Aarne Set of 2 Pilsner Glasses and Bar Collection Pico Brew Craft Beer Brewing Appliance
Temperature controlled beer dispenser. Designed for BrewArt 5L kegs. High-quality compressor eliminates need for constantly refilling CO2 tanks. Pub quality and customizable beer pull tab. Convenient beer level scale. Cooling indicator. Göran Hongell's celebrated Aarne collection has a modern sensibility as captivating today as it was in 1948. With proud, sleek lines in heavy crystal, these pilsner glasses are an enduring classic of the home bar Brew fresh IPAs, stouts, pale ales or pilsners in the convenience of your own kitchen with the brand new Pico, an automated craft beer brewing appliance. Expertly engineered technology means the Pico recognizes each PicoPak you insert, then adjusts each brewing session so you can create a brew master quality beer. If you're feeling adventurous, create a custom FreeStyle PicoPak and hand-pick what hops, yeast, and grains you want in your beer.


uKeg Growlers Stanley Stainless Steel Growler Set
Lenox Tuscany Beer Flight Set uKeg Growlers Stanley Stainless Steel Growler Set
Bring the ambiance of a brew pub to your home bar with the Lenox Tuscany beer flight set's shapely crystal glasses that fit on a smart wood paddle. Never run dry with a pressurized personal uKeg™ Growler that keeps beer and other beverages carbonated and fresh for up to two weeks. Portable keg keeps beer cold for 7-9 hours. Tap assembly includes a pressure gauge and sight glass, VPR cap technology, and carrying handle.  Today's beer aficionado knows that a growler is the best way to carry your brew. This airtight, vacuum-insulated stainless steel jug from Stanley® will keep 64 ounces of your favorite beer cold up to 24 hours. Lighter weight than the old glass growlers, this design has a heavy duty handle that's easy to carry and pours smooth with one hand.


NMF17_H8QGD BeerDroid Beer Brewing Station
Godinger Dublin Beer Mugs, Set of 2 BrewArt BeerDroid Beer Brewing Station
Crystal beer mugs. BeerDroid custom brewing station. Includes American Pale Ale BrewPrint easy-to-read LCD screen. Patented end-of-fermentation (EOF) technology. Precise temperature control. Push-button brewing.


kate spade new york Larabee Dot Collection 4-Pc. Variety Beer Glasses Set William Yeoward Crystal Corinne Beer Tumbler Waterford Crystal Two Lismore Diamond Pilsners
Description Whimsical polka dots make a fun addition to your barware collection with kate spade new york's Larabee Dot Collection beer glasses. Handcrafted beer tumbler. Made of lead crystal. Inspired by the gothic architecture of the 800-year-old Lismore Castle in County Waterford, Ireland and designed in the classic style of traditional Bohemian glasses, these beverage glasses feature a slender, gently tapered profile accented by dramatic diamond cuts.


Elegance Lager Glasses, Set of 2 Elegance Beer Mugs, Set of 2
Waterford Elegance Lager Glasses, Set of 2 Waterford Elegance Beer Mugs, Set of 2 Lenox Tuscany Monogram Collection, Block Letter
Handcrafted lager glasses. Crystal. Hand wash. Handcrafted beer mugs. Crystal. Hand wash. Lenox's Monogrammed Block Letter Tuscany collection gives your bar and stemware a personalized touch.


Sherry is back in style. From Andalucía, an area south of Seville, Spain, comes a fortified wine that dates back to the Roman Empire and that ranges from very dry to lusciously sweet, and food friendly. It is made from grapes you may be unfamiliar with: Palomino fino, Pedro Ximénez and moscatel. There are 2 main categories: fino is pale with fresh, nutty flavor is a fine aperitif or pairs with seafood; oloroso have more body and some citrus and can be matched with chicken; amontillado are in between. Pedro Ximénez is sweet like a tawny port and can hold up to chocolate or ice cream.

In brief, sherry starts out like other wines with grapes gathered when they are fully ripe, which is usually the end of August, and officially starts with the Fiesta de la Vendiamia. What makes Sherry unique is that after the must (juice) has been stored in butts in bodegas for fermentation, it is fortified with a spirit (usually a local brandy) which kills the yeast. The butts are then taken outside and opened to allow flowering--the development of a natural yeast film on the surface. After 12 to 18 months the butts are taken back inside and added to a solera, a system of butts of a particular style used over a number of years to keep the quality consistent. All Sherries are blended. Due to the addition of the spirit and evaporation, sherries will be higher in alcohol than normal table wines, often 17-20%. Pedro Ximénez is treated differently. The sweet grapes are left to dry until almost raisin-like. The must is added to butts with brandy and go into their own soleras.

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